5 Reasons You Need To Watch Cyberbully

It stars our favourite Stark, Maisie Williams. She may be armed with a keyboard instead of her trusty needle, but remains as fiercely talented as ever in her latest role as Casey, the victim of an all-powerful hacker. And yes, she is indeed the reason I switched on when it first aired.

It is brave in concept, yet all it’s gambles pay off. How many one-woman one-room TV shows have you seen lately? Exactly. Without a powerhouse actress and a brilliant writing team this would have appeared ambitious but gimmicky, but Maisie’s delicate yet emotive performance of the script leaves you itching to smash her laptop to smithereens. Both intense and compulsive viewing.

it tackles contemporary issues; bullies have never had more tools at their disposal, or more ways to contact their victims, whilst avoiding repercussions by hiding behind the veil of anonymity. Hackers can become personal terrorists, taking your life out of your control, leaving you at their mercy. Casey’s private photos, and personal messages are fair game to her unnamed enemy, a terrifying situation which requires only a small hop of imagination from modern minds.

It is far from simple. What starts as the tale of Casey’s hacker-from-hell gradually builds into something far more complicated- a modern cyber parable questioning where blame is placed online, who the victims and bullies truly are, and how the true demons of the web can be beaten. How far will Casey be pushed by her anonymous enemy? And how can she possibly fight back?

It defies categorisation. We know our genres so well we spoof them regularly on the big and small screens, yet ‘Cyberbully’ cannot be so easily pigeonholed; it is simultaneously a morality play, a contemporary drama and a psychological thriller.

A final note of warning before you press play- however much this story makes you want to throw your laptop out of the window, it is probably inadvisable to do so. Just saying.


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