Five reasons why the second season plays second fiddle to the original.

1.The We Hate Ellie Club
If one more person blames Ellie for her husband’s handiwork I may take my pitchfork to the entire population of Broadchurch. Sure, you expect angry recriminations in the wake of such a bombshell, but for her own son to turn on her, as well as the deceased’s parents, seems needlessly cruel. We get it. Olivia Coleman can cry on cue. That doesn’t mean you have to spread the hatred through the whole community like a plague to punish the story’s one likeable character. Ease up or my wrath is on standby.

2. Timelord Tantrums
Just as Coleman’s role seems to be downgraded to victim, Tennant’s loveable ailing cynic has been taken by the bodysnatchers and replaced with all dark charm removed. No, he was never Mr Warm and Fuzzy, but neither was he without humour, compassion or common sense.- telling Ellie “don’t get involved” after asking her to interview suspects reeks of idiocy noticeably absent previously. Not the brightest boy in the village it now seems.

3. The Sandbrook Saga
The vest-wearing ex-boyband lookalike creep who we are all supposed to fear. The annoying informant who can’t help but sleep with the ex she is grassing on- apparently Rohypnol is no obstacle in her infatuations. We already have one victim- Danny. We already have an aftermath- Broadchurch village has quaked ever since the news broke. Adding to the mix seems to take more from the series than it gives, turning the gourmet recipe rather sour with needless complication.

4.The Mysterious Mystery
The switch to courtroom drama was cunning, but with the prime suspect maintaining innocence in the face of village-wide outrage surely more clues and investigations are due? The mystery was the lifeblood of the first season, and the cold case enquiries of Sandbrook are no replacement for the Broadchurch whodunnit. Dig out the microscope or delve into evidence- no need for distractions

5. Community Care
There is now a dearth of likeability in the seaside town. Aside from the much maligned Coleman only grieving mother Beth tugs on the heartstrings, whilst the all-sniping, all-sulking chorus leaves me colder than poor departed Danny. It’s not that I want them all sporting Miss Congeniality sashes whilst extolling the virtues of World Peace, but I would like to be invested in the investigation, and its hard to care when the characters don’t seem to.

Griping aside I still plan to tune in for the conclusion to the second series, not because I am a sucker for punishment, but because the story itself retains enough intrigue to hold sway over the remote, even in the times of disappointment. Plus I need to keep an eye on Coleman- don’t worry Ellie, my pitchfork is on standby.


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