It is with a heart heavy with Newton’s damn gravity that I write this, but the once great Big Bang Theory has officially gone off the boil. As of last week’s oddly timed Christmas episode on E4, it has reached a merely lukewarm temperature, inducing the occasional chuckle as opposed to the traditional hearty guffaw, rapidly cooling in temperature as the pay cheques defiantly grow. The show has wandered into dark times before of course; remember the dark days of Priya? No, of course not, you have sensibly wiped the aberration from your mind like a good little square-eyed viewer. Yet this cooling off period started is rather more than an annoying girlfriend blip; it spans the entire latest season and gives no promise of reprieve.

Penny has turned from loveable, perky, blonde, clueless wannabe into a materialistic, cruel, suit-wearing dream-forsaking cold fish. It is as if, like Samson, her hair held the root of her powers, and all likeability and joy was removed when the crop set it. Is Leonard then the Delilah to her Samson? Supporting her identity swap with a seemingly glad heart, while he whines and moans his was to grudging titters. Like Penny he seems to have been bitten by the cruel bug, blaming Howard for their avian dilemma in the not-so-Clean Room, simply because he can.

Howard, who Bernadette has gradually toned down from the delusional horn-dog engineer to an actual human being, may have become too tame- his transition has been more gradual than that of his friends, but his nature is far from ridiculous these days, and though Bernadette has the sporadic hilarious turn this odd couple have taken each others bite.

Raj has a girlfriend thus the sky must be falling. Seriously.

So the only redeeming factor are Bazinga Boy and Neuro Girl, also known to muggles as Sheldon and Amy. Thankfully the stars of the show have not forsaken us- Amy’s woolen parlor games and Sheldon’s devious grinchyness save the episode from becoming yet another comedy series outliving it’s own humour.

Maybe it is the writers, not the actors, who should be paid the big bucks, as unless they sharpen their wits along with their pens not even Sheldon the Great can save the Geeks from doom.


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