50 Things I learned from The 100 (Season 1)

1.Apparently society is not that fussed about sending its children to near certain death on a nuclear blasted former homeland. Yeah sure they put up some minor protests at first, but it’s all for show.
2.If a guy appears to be a jerk, he’s really a misunderstood hero in training. See Bellamy/Marcus/Wells
3.The same is true of girls. Octavia kinda grows on you.
4.If a cute kid you’ve never seen before shows up on new microwaved Earth, they are going to die real soon.

5.Never let your girlfriend cut your hair. Finn, what did Raven do to you?!

6.Speaking of Raven, Finn should probably know that if ‘we were on a break’ didn’t fly, ‘we were sent to a nuclear blasted homeland and I never thought I’d see you again’ probably won’t either.

7.Though everyone does agree Clarke is pretty awesome, so, fair play.

8.However, as the season progresses it becomes very clear that if the pickings weren’t so slim, honey, she could do better.

9.I mean, facing death on a daily basis and her hair remains glorious. How, universe? How?!

10.Never trust a smiling politician. Seriously. They will condemn the remains of the human race to die after only featuring in two episodes. Hasty horrid folk.

11.Becoming infatuated with a girl you have never spoken to, drawing her, kidnapping her and tying her up, will inevitably lead to her falling in love with you.

12.No really. You can even poison her friends and she will still be smitten.

13.For bonus points withhold the antidote at least until the situation is critical.

14.Being kept under the floorboards for sixteen years can make you kind of easy. And possibly masochistic.

15.No matter the location- sunny suburbia or a nuked new earth, teens would always get pissed at the parents

16.Although for a doctor Abby’s moral compass is a little iffy. Dobbing in the love of your life to float? Sure. Send your only child on a potentially fatal one way trip? She’ll help her pack. So maybe, just maybe, Clarke’s hissy fits are a little justified.

17.Beware the mob

18.Beware prior victims of the mob (grrr Murphy)

19.Even if someone appears to be saving you from a blood-vomiting illness, beware.

20.Actually just beware, period.

21.If your leader has a death wish, it will eventually be fulfilled, That is one determinedly suicidal Chancellor. The Samaritans must not have a branch on the Ark.

22.In fact saving his life is very nearly punishable by death. Ironic.

23.If you tell your people the truth about a situation things will get ugly

24.If you don’t the secret will out, and things will be uglier still.

25.So win-win huh?

26.You don’t really need training to perform complex life saving surgery. Just your mum on the phone.

27.Even when the line is dead, her knowledge is your knowledge. Your mum’s a doctor? Then you are too. End of.

28.Even if a race has been separated from the rest of humanity and left for generations on a nuclear wasteland, they will still speak English.

29.When all else fails, build a bomb

30.Which is easy, since Raven can build them out of dust or mere flights of fancy

31.And it’s not as though bombs cause the whole nuclear-fall-out-human-endangerment thing

32.Oh, wait…

33.Space stations are grey, planets are green, and never the twain shall meet.

34.If you want to track someone’s vital signs, put the tracker in their actual body, not on a detachable fashion accessory.

35.Convicted teens have a rather laissez-faire about their loved ones supposing them dead.

36.Although even if Dr Abby saw the entire planet implode, she would argue there could be survivors

37.The Law is rather flexible. Some say it exists on the ground, others form lynch mobs. Some stick to it in space, others say you need to know when to break it. So- clear as mud.

38.The GM scare must be for nothing, since the hundred have been eating mutant panther for quite some time now.

39.When encountering biological warfare it is probably wise to stop the crazed former evictee from nursing the infected.

40.Although said warfare can always be cured apparently by simply drinking enough fluids, so, no big deal really.

41.When you see eerie smog, run.

42.When you see grounders, run.

43.If in doubt, run. Fast.

44.It’s probably best not to torture the first native you come across, you know, in case of war etc.

45.Oh, too late.

46.Religion has something to do with trees. Not Game of Thrones crying trees, but little trees that nobody really talks about or explains in any way ever.

47.The hundred completely ignore said religion. Maybe because they have new trees to play with.

48.The grounders may send their children into battle, but if they die in said battle it is TOTALLY YOUR FAULT.

49.There are no ugly grounders- radiation has led to a new beautiful super-race, blatantly.

50.If you want something done right, ask a felonious teen- adults just ain’t what they used to be.


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