1.Raining fire on gender stereotypes which force boys and girls to conform or be judged (starting with a boys right to Dora The Explorer)

“It features a girl, that doesn’t make it a girls thing. You know. Like strip clubs”

2.Critiquing the misogyny of female underwear design, one thong at a time

“that’s basically a bacterial superhighway from your bum hole to your business”

3.On summer fun under a Tory regime

“Shade is free. Cameron’s not got that one yet”

4.Responding the the fetishization of the female form

“This is an arse, not a curve”

5.Looking at the bright side of the modern dysfunctional family dynamic

“What my mother lacked in unconditional love, she made up for in peach fragrance”

6.Providing a no-nonsense approach self defense

“Nothing makes an unwelcome swelling disappear faster than the sight of an axe”

7. Timing your frenemy take downs for the very best vengeance

“You’ll get your chance to let out all the hate- when Capitalism goes tits-up and you’re fighting over a dead rat with a homemade cleaver”

8. Cursing he Who Must Not Be Named like a Potter pro

“Voldemort can’t get you now, the nose-less old cow”

9. Halting a dangerous case of parental TMI in its tracks

“Dad, every time you tell me something about yours and Mum’s sex life, a fairy gets its wings ripped off. You get me?”

10. Answering the age old question- does size actually matter?

‘To be fair, you can’t be that sad about something you can’t see with the naked eye”


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