1. This show really doesn’t make you proud to be English
2. Oh god Jamie
3. The horror. The blood. The broken Scot
4. Wow and the full frontal nudity
5. Not Jamie, don’t excite yourself
6. Black Jack looks like an evil lion with his hair down
7. If he doesn’t repay Jamie for this abuse i will…
8. Yay cows!
9. So much love for the cows right now
10.Why is no one killing Randall yet?
11. I mean you can’t leave everything to the cows
12. Reunited- but what is left of Jamie to save
13. Not liking the creepy hallucination
14. This series makes me want a horse
15. What of his hand? Are we thinking amputation?
16. Yes friar, his soul is pretty wrecked right now. Rape and torture do that to a man.
17. Flashback time
18. Oh god, we’re not gonna SEE it are we?!
19. Kind Black Jack is even creepier than cruel Black Jack. Those are not your wounds to bathe, man!!!!
20. I hope Claire kills him
21. Painfully.
22. It’s like kissing a corpse- well you have all but killed him ,so you have no one but yourself to blame
23. Oh they are they are gonna show it
24. Oh the horror. Cut the bastard’s hands off.
25. My nose is scrunching up so much I look klingon
26. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
27. And did I mention nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
28. I’m thinking he’d be less antagonistic if she wore her hair down- little too reminiscent of Black Jack
29. Oh blood AND bones. prehistoric ER fun.
30. I’m not sure Claire should trust anyone right now, even the nice priest
31. Pretty sure he is thinking WITCH
32. Please be nice please be nice
33. He may be absolving her but I don’t think its Claire that needs absolution
34. Wow, Willie- what a cheery story for a time like this. You deserve that punch
35. Really wish I knew Gaelic right now…
36. Oh no, no more flashbacks, please
37. Isn’t it enough that we know he wants to die now
38. Why is Jamie seeing Claire instead of him? Why?
39. Oh I want to hug him
40. Nooooooo, not fire. Hasn’t he suffered enough?!
41. Jamie is starting to look like Reek
42. Thank God that’s over
43. Yes Willie. Of course a holiday will make him forget the horror. Of course.
44. If there was every an excuse to faint, hearing your husband wants to die after you rescued him is it.
45. So is the lavender oil what’s giving him living nightmares?!
46. Oh God, it was a brand.
47. Initials eternally.
48. No not another flashback. My eyes!
49. He told him to think of Claire…new levels of psychopathic sadism
50. And Jamie blames himself for falling for it? Whilst in agony? Near death?
51. Oh this is even worse
52. And the creepy hair thing is explained
53. I don’t think this could be harder to watch.
54. I hate Black Jack Randall more than Joffrey right now.
55. I think he could even give Voldemort a run for his money
56. ‘It felt so good not to be in pain’ – well duh.
57. Stop making Clarie cry and live Jamie, please
58. The suggestion of a ‘Romeo and Juliet’ scenario then- that would shorten the series run huh?
59. Hold her Jamie, there’s a good man
60. Oh God more pain
61. Bang and the brand is gone
62. Jamie looks like a wounded pirate
63. Awww the aurevoir kisses, comic and gallant in turns
64. Awwww and the theme tune kicks off as the boat sets sail
65. See things are better now her hair’s down again
66. Outlander out of Scotland? not sure about that…
67. Changing the future – what will happen to the space time continuum?!
68. The Bonnie Prince isn’t exactly a fearsome title. Just saying
69. Oh is she pregnant?
70. She is isn’t she…
71. ISN’T SHE?
73. Now that WILL change the future
74. Unless it has already happened?
75. My head hurts
76. Aw a happy Jamie is a healthy Jamie
77. Anchors away highlanders
78. Until next season that is?


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