Lessons From Behind Bars- ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK- SEASON 3

1.Regardless of your sexual orientation- Ruby Rose is hot

2. Everyone cries at weddings, even Red

3. Never trust a fellow criminal

4. Never trust a guard

5. Actually just trust no one

6. Transforming spirituality into organised religion is a messy business

7. Crazy Eyes is the obvious successor to EL James

8. Big Boo is an avenging angel

9. Lying to a mobster is the fast route to marriage

10. everything is better with Harry Potter references

11. ‘violence is all good and fine, but sex, oh no!’ – you said it Tasty

12, 5 bathrooms = mansion

13. Kosher food is where its at

14. Repurposing remnants can go to your head…

15 Yet sexual perversion rakes in the dosh- sex really does sell

16.Drama class solves everything

17. An episode without Nikki < an episode with Nikki

18. Penn’s likeability increases every time Piper’s decreases.

19. Never start planning a wedding until you get a ring- one NOT made from a soda can.

20. Orange might be the new black, but sludge beige appears to be the new orange…

21.Mutism does not a messiah make

22. The minute you stop being paranoid, is the minute you get shanked. Anxiety may not be sexy, but it may save your life (*cough* Alex *cough*)

23. Prisons do not embrace change.

24. Sophia is more of a lady than ANY of them.

25. Teenage boys are stupid, end of.

26. A meal is not a meal without sweetcorn.

27. Really don’t miss V

28. Ditto Larry

29. Bed bugs will kill your reading habit

30. No one can resist a pool party


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