There is a magical place in America (no it’s not Disneyland) which I would be more than willing to emigrate to. A little quaint town in deepest darkest Connecticut, with the enchanting name of Stars Hollow.

You haven’t heard of it? Shame on you!

shocked gilmore


It is the home of the rocking-est band known to you and I as ‘Hep Alien’, the locale of the gorgeous Dragonfly Inn, and last but not least, residence of the famous mother and daughter combo Lorelai and Rory, also known as ‘The Gilmore Girls’


Yes I do realise it is a TV show and thus a fictional location


But before I cry myself to sleep over non existence of Luke’s Diner and Sookie’s gourmet cuisine…

rory crying

…or indeed before you call for the men in white coats- I would like to explain my impossible dream to reside with the girls of Gilmore

635693243710983533-335725329_rory and lorelai

No other town is as festive and community spirited as this one. Hell they even invented a summer festival to fill the gap in their calendar! Thanksgiving requires four meals as well as chocolate or deep fried Turkey, dance marathons are a yearly event, and you can’t walk for pumpkins on Halloween


Stars Hollow also has a magical substance in the air which allows one to eat ALL the candy and pizza you want, yet still maintain a waif like figure. People have speculated this pleasing phenomenon has something to do with the air quality, but whatever the reason it workspizza

The only drug allowed in Stars Hollow is caffeine, but it is a compulsory narcotic, and only the coffee-fueled are truly accepted


It is culturally the equivalent of cities such as Rome or Paris, boasting regular melodrama within old-fashioned an extremely argumentative town meetings, as well as some very questionable ballet and performance art.


This is a town that cares about it’s fellow man. Broken up? The town with divide it’s sympathies and signify their allegiances through the wearing of ribbons. Wedding? Take over the town square, no problem. New romance? The viability must be debated

town meeting

As well as all this there is a beautiful lake you can push brooding teenagers into when they annoy you

luke jess

So, you see, Stars Hollow may be fictional, but I am far to far gone to care. In the words of my heroes- Hockey-puck, rattlesnake, monkey monkey underpants’tumblr_n5x5k2TlhC1qcwyxho1_500


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  1. I will admit- I have watched the entire series through 15+ times, annnnd I’m about to start the next round. If I could also come to SH, that would be awesome, thanks 🙂 No show has come close to matching GG!


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