Yes, this really was my first time watching it. No I don’t understand how that happened either.

1 Ok, so the title sequence is pretty cool.

2. Very weird seeing people smoking indoors.

3. The guy looks like he belongs in Jersey Boys.

4. Liking the sassy gal pal.

5. Until she started to strip that is…

6. People don’t wear hats anymore.

7. So far Mad Men = misogyny of days gone by.

8. Oh hello Christina Hendricks.

9. ‘try not to be overwhelmed by all this technology’ – awww typewriter

10. They’re not biased when it comes to prejudice either- casual racism comes as part of the package.

11. Don Draper is kinda hard to read. He spouts extremely stupid things but acts like he’s thinking.

12. So far the only person I’m sure I like is Peggy, though not keen on the mustard shirt.

13. Mr Campbell needs to die. Soon.

14. Okay, liking Don for his Campbell take down.

15. Old fashioned gynaecology = owwwwwwww.

16. Although the chauvinist Dr is more painful :‘don’t think you have to be a strumpet to get your money’s worth’.

17.. Does Don practice his put downs over breakfast? They are FIERCE.

18. Smokers coughing in unison- oh dry wit, bravo

19. Wow Don is not good at blagging

20. Campbell obviously is- no big surprise, how else did he get his fiancé

21 Oh Mr D is having a lightbulb moment

22. Oh no – a Peggy/ Don awkward encounter. Poor lamb to the slaughter

23. Oh look more stripping

24. And an attempted assault. Joy.

25. Bravo Miss Menken, sing it sister suffragette

26. Campbell- ‘You must think I’m a creep’ – well duh

27. No Peggy no Peggy noooooooo.

28 Oh so this is the wife huh?  Blonde, beautiful and totally clueless

29. And it gets worse. He has kids. The cheating cad.

30. So the credits roll and I am emotionally battered by women-hating chain-smoking scoundrels… yet somehow curious as to episode 2. Damn it.


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