Many drink-along games have been suggested to compliment that most quintessentially British of shows- The Great British Bake Off. Yet, as a nation which is prepared to argue over the pronunciation of the word scone until the end of time, it seems more appropriate to design a game which requires the consumption of unhealthy amounts of cake instead. Without further ado I present- eat along a bake off:

A soggy bottom arises- devour a bun, preferably iced, you naughty thing.

When Mary gives Paul a (thoroughly earned) dressing down- a dollop of icy Baked Alaska

When oven gazing commences- bakewell tart (WISHFUL EATING?)

When an inappropriate pun is dropped- gotta be a helping of spotted dick

When a well endowed squirrel makes a cameo- anything nutty, obviously

When somebody decides to ‘wing’ a showstopper- gooseberry fool. FOOL I TELL YOU.

When Mel/Sue ruins a contestant’s bake- any upside-down cake you have to hand.

When anyone cries after a baking catastrophe- blueberry muffin. Because they’re blue. Geddit? Yum.

When the bake is burned- Brownie. One that isn’t burned, unless your a masochist.

When Mary Berry tries to illegally help a contestant- celebrate with a slice of angel cake

When Paul is unnecessarily mean to a contestent- devil’s food cake.

When the show is over and you are left distraught and salivating- a cream tea. Because once it’s scone its scone.


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