I started, then I couldn’t stop. It is a sickness. Here is what I have learned from my disease (besides numerous make-up tips)

1.It is never safe to answer your phone.

2.Or open your locker.

3.Or do anything at all in Rosewood at any time.

4.Perhaps they should consider moving?

5.It is ok to lie to the police as long as your eye make-up is fierce.

6.And, to be fair,,the police don’t seem keen on helping (mascara envy much?)

7.You should always be suspicious of your significant other- they are DEFINITELY keeping things from you.

8.They might even be A (I KNOW RIGHT)

9.Unless they die, in which case you were obsessing about nothing and sabotaging your own relationship. YOU’RE WELCOME.

10.Fearing for your life is no excuse to skimp on self grooming habits. Blow dry till you die.

11.Spencer is the only one with a brain- though her choice in men makes you forget that occasionally

12.She also has the WORST. FAMILY. EVER.

13.Particularly her Dad. The hockey stick incident? Way out of line.

14.It really isn’t a surprise Aria fell for an older man- can you say Daddy issues?

15.Although your would be forgiven for thinking Fitz the younger paramour- she is way more mature. On again, off again, on again…the man needs to learn to make a decision.

16.Emily is meant to be the nice one…and yet she is annoying

17.Don’t ask me why, she just is.

18.Perhaps she is TOO nice….

19.…perhaps she is A!!!!!

20.Hannah has all the best lines: ‘she can’t hear us, she’s blind’.

21.Her Dad is also pretty lousy

22.Are they all really being punished for having Daddy issues?

23.But Emily’s Dad is ok…

24.…but if she is A that fits

25.Yes I find her that annoying.

26.Arya has the best Mom

27.Maybe because she was in Charmed

28.I may be getting fiction and reality confused.

29.If you lose your phone and cannot get evil texts anymore, the person who kindly gives you a phone they ‘just had lying around’ is probably not your friend. Just saying.

30.How they ever get any homework done is beyond me.

31.The only thing you can be sure of- alive or dead, Alison is a total bitch.

32.Why were they her friends again? That is the real mystery.


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