Halloween Hot List

Festive treats courtesy of the small screen- because there is more to Halloween than ‘Hocus Pocus’. Sort of.


Sabrina the Teenage Witch


Did you prefer Hilda and Zelda? Was Libby really just misunderstood? How awesome was 90s fashion? Discuss.


Pretty Little Liars- Halloween Specials

pll halloween

Hot costumes, revamped credits and the threat of yet another pretty dead body (yet somehow Emily still lives. How is that fair?). Aria’s costume game is fierce btw. Totally stealing the Gatsby look.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Anything with Spike and Dru for the win. The creepy costume shop episode is pretty festive, or if you feel like screaming your Whedon-fanatic head off watch ‘The Gentlemen’ with the lights off *hides behind the sofa*


Gilmore Girls


Ok, so it’s  not fright night material. But check out any autumnal installment and count the pumpkins on show. Seriously. Bumper crop in Stars Hollow huh? Couple that with the deadly levels of candy consumption and I think you’ll agree it’s eligible.


Walking Dead


Zombies. Sorry- Walkers. Lots off them. Everywhere. Just do whatever Rick says and no-one gets hurt. Except they do. Remember Beth? Still haven’t forgiven HBO. KILL CARL WHY DON’T YOU?! Just focus on Darryl and all will be well.


The Strain

HODELETE HFA Cory Stoll as Ephraim Goodweather in FX's "The Strain." (Michael Gibson/Courtesy FX/MCT)

Zombie Vampires. Argus Filch/ Walder Frey (delete as appropriate) as a holocaust surviving vamp hunter. Sam Gamgee de-hobbited. ridiculous scripting and terrifying monsters. Gotta love Guillermo del Toro.


True Blood

true blood

The early episodes before the whole ‘fairy’ thing blew credibility out of the water. Bill, Eric and Sookie in the sexy, gritty horror fest with deep south vamps and LOTS of blood.




Every monster possible, every outfit combo imaginable. What’s not to love about the power of three?




S0 scary I can’t bring myself to watch it. But you may be braver than me. Or have a thing for serial killers. So thus ends the list of TV terror.




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