1.It will turn you on to hard spirits. Seriously. Is it legal to make alcoholism look so cool? *tries not to buy whiskey*

drink giphy

2.Those superhero moves really give you gym guilt

3.How am I supposed to achieve both Jessica’s hair and Khaleesi hair huh? HOW?

hair giphy

4.She sure has come a long way from being the kooky drama friend in Gilmore Girls

5.You don’t remember? Season 7, look it up

6.The voiceover should be annoying, yet it feels in keeping with the comic book theme

7.As does the grimy portrait of New York

N Y giphy

8.And yes the lesbian lawyer IS Trinity from ‘The Matrix’

9.Suddenly obnoxious self righteous anger is looking far more attractive

10.Psychological trauma and narrative twists galore here

11.Accidental bursts of super strength appear to be the new slapstick- her insurance bill must be catastrophic

1 giphy

12.Loving the adult version of girl power- no man messes with Jessica

13.I need to invest in black tops, worn jeans and a killer leather jacket

14.And possibly study some kind of martial art

martial art giphy

15.David Tennant is super creepy

16.Like a Shakespearean super villain

david tgiphy

17.Every trauma his victims face, though mostly unseen, is horrifying

18.As in Game of Thrones-bad, with mind control and self loathing

19.The unbreakable man is just a little attractive

20.Ok, a lot attractive, I admit it.

unbreakable giphy

21.Jess’s neighbours are far more interesting than mine

22.That being said I wouldn’t switch places

23.Did I mention the music is awesome

24.Because it is

25.Kinda seventies guitars with a modern geeky twist

26.Maybe more superheroes should be angry, grungey , glamorous alcoholics.

27.Though again maybe not, because, well, reasons.

handle it giphy

28.Some of the dialogue is reminiscent of classic Joss Whedon

29.Particularly the insults

30.(mega compliment btw)

31.I’m liking the flashbacks.

32.We are meeting Jessica piece by piece

piece giphy

33.Never fully sure of the whole

34.I’m hoping for a hidden power reveal later

35.And a superhero outfit

36.Black, of course.

37.Will looks like GI Joe

38.Trish looks like she should have a cooking show

39.And also like a young Sheryl Crow

40.Much kudos to her for putting up with A LOT of shit.

trish giphy

41.Hope has a rather unfortunate name…considering.

42.Brave to tackle rape and the issue of consent

43.Though rest assured there is comedy in the darkness

44.Dark comedy, admittedly, but still

45.And even the evil beings are not entirely without goodness

46.Buried deep down, anyway

47.Deep deep down

killgrave giphy

48.Jessica Jones is to me, what alcohol is to her

49.That makes sense right?

50.Oh who cares- pass the whiskey.

final giphy


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