Happy New Sherlock

So the day we have all been waiting for on tenterhooks with baited breath on the uttermost edge of the knife for has finally been and gone. Yes, Sherlock returned. Sort of. In a way.

What first seemed to be a time-travelling ‘Christmas Special’ revealed its true colours as a Mind Palace Moriarty Montage. Well played BBC. You had us all fooled with your ‘historical one-off’ spiel. And then Cumberbatch emerged for his drug addled haze to explain that all was not quite as elementary as expected- hence the historical inaccuracies and scripting oddities. You cunning creatives you.

The New Year’s extravaganza was both ingenious and ridiculous in equal measure, as one would expect with Sherlock. Feminist cult killers were not a high point, but the Moriarty banter certainly was. The wit is still razor sharp for all the odd conclusions and strange transitions. Here, to celebrate the New Year, are the very best quotes from our favourite detective’s triumphant return:










‘I’ve had to grow this moustache just so people will recognise me’






‘There is no time to lose- which one can so rarely say about a morgue’

potato Which-character-are-you-most-like-Sherlock-The-Abominable-Bride-BBC-One-752x440





‘I am glad you liked my potato’

ghost tumblr_nx775nj8zG1uk189vo1_1280





‘I have never been so impatient to be attacked by a murderous ghost’

pleased 2FBAB7D300000578-3381464-image-a-31_1451690653404





‘It’s a dangerous habit to finger a loaded firearm in the pocket of one’s dressing gown. Or are you just pleased to see me?’

angry watson-inline-81a47abd-3618-4037-910f-67f08c187177





‘I’m an army doctor- which means I can break every bone in your body- whilst naming them’

gongs S2E3_moriarty-making-a-skeptical-facein-grey-suit





‘Speaking as a criminal mastermind, we don’t really have gongs’

hat 635812816975770052-XXX-W2W-Sherlock-cumberbatch-227-

‘You’re Sherlock Holmes, wear the damn hat’



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