54 Thoughts on ‘The Night Manager’ – Episode 1

*Here be spoilers*

  1. This is proof I can never get enough of Olivia Coleman
  2. Or Hugh Laurie, for that matter, who is currently sporting a marvellous R.P. accent
  3. Wow – chaotic war-zone to smug luxury in 60 seconds.
  5. All this fire is making me rather nervous
  6. Nervous for myself, and for the dog
  7. The dog’s owner is rather glamorous, it must be said
  8. Tom Hiddleston is rather good isn’t he
  9. Those documents look RATHER incriminating
  10. “If anything should happen to me” so she is basically dead then
  11. So is he an investigator pretending to be a Night Manager, or a Night Manager trying his hand at investigation?
  12. That is not something you want to read in your dressing gown
  13. I don’t trust the dressing gown man
  14. OLIVIA!
  15. Only briefly though 😦
  16. Oh God – the exotic lady’s face has been pummelled
  17. I’m liking her more and more – so she’s definitely going to die
  18. The pummeller is threatening Tom Hiddleston – that is not allowed
  19. So now Tom is a knight in shining armour – just in case he wasn’t attractive enough
  20. You can’t really blame her for propositioning him considering
  21. Cue romantic sex shot
  22. Back in Blighty with a feisty Miss Coleman
  23. Wow her bearded colleague is truly patronising – ‘Headstrong’ indeed!
  24. “apparently the food’s shit!” you tell him sister.
  25. “I can’t believe you’re still a member of a club that doesn’t admit women” – my heart just exploded
  26. The dressing gown man is disguised in clothes
  27. He can’t hide his inner bastard though
  28. Using the changing of the guard as a metaphor for shifting personalities is rather beautiful
  30. She wanted to go to England THAT badly?! There ARE other countries lady
  31. Love how casual yet intense Coleman’s office is.
  32. Run Tom run! Save the damsel!
  33. OH
  34. I knew this would happen, but that only makes it worse
  35. Bye bye Sophie. I only pray they didn’t kill your dog too
  36. I blame dressing gown man. He barred the way to safety
  37. And that would be the definition of a corrupt policeman
  38. 4 years later?!!!!!! Slight jump there….
  39. Tom is in Switzerland. I guess because it’s neutral? Horror hotel scene less likely?
  40. Or not, seeing that Roper, the puppeteer with untraceable strings, just arrived. Coincidence?
  41. And now another glamorous girl. Are they going to kill her off too?
  42. It’s hard to take Hugh Laurie (Mr Roper) seriously as a villain with that accent
  43. Ooooh grand staircase and the Queen’s English – how very Downton
  44. Tom (sorry Jonathan is the character’s name) just lost his lunch due to being UTTERLY PETRIFIED
  45. I would be too if a cruel, rich, drug-addled weapons dealer followed me across the globe
  46. Yet he is so civil to the villains – true customer service, a better man than I
  47. Well I’m not a man, but you get what I mean
  48. Ooooh he kept Olivia’s number – he just gets more and more brilliant (Olivia’s character is called Angela FYI)
  49. Oh I think the worlds are colliding…
  50. YES! Progress
  51. Yes, good question Olivia/Angela, why did you do it?!
  52. “Anyone would do it”, uh, no, no they would not
  53. Oh, he’s ex military. That accounts for the heroic bravery
  54. “What are you prepared to do about it” the million dollar question, which of course is what we end on

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