*warning fellow northmen – here be spoilers*

Let’s just admit it – Season 3 was disappointing. Paris just wasn’t cracked up to be, what with snobby princesses, pathetic kings and one too many failed siege attempts. Lagertha lost her Earldom for crying out loud! What kind of legendary realm allows that to happen?!

Yet the first two episodes of the latest season of the battle-heavy saga have me once more pinning my colours to Ragnar’s mast…figuratively speaking. To be honest I probably shouldn’t start talking about Ragnar’s mast, or we will all start swooning.

Not only has Ragnar removed himself from the French hell hole, but he has also healed enough to berate his second wife for being cold, disloyal, and mostly for the crime of NOT BEING LAGERTHA.

The Floki plot is, admittedly, a little long in the norse tooth at this stage, and the once fantastical madman is at this stage little more than a pitiful fanatic. Yet even this meandering thread is ramping up a notch now the nords have returned to Scandinavia – with the mini-Ragnars hunting down the disgraced prisoner for a spot of Chinese water torture. Creative.

Lagertha not only got herself a new bloodthirsty plaything in the form of Kalf, but got her title back, cutting the treacherous faction off at it’s root (quite literally – mwa ha ha). Finally the shield maiden can wreak some vengeance of her own, away from Ragnar’s shadow.

Of course Paris still bumbles along in the background, with a right royal marital mismatch, a resident sadist, and Rollo returning to his dark side (WHY? Didn’t he learn and convert to the fraternal cause? Is this really just his way of mourning Siggi? Oh Thor only knows…)Yet at least with Rollo as an’ insider’ the alien city feels a little more interesting to us norse-watchers. Though it could really do with at least a couple of Parisians who are not caricatures.

Wessex as ever enthrals – Ecbert is the only player in the game who poses any real competition to Ragnar’s effortless wit and power. Judith (still minus one ear remember) is permitted to plough her pain into art, and the rampant queen of Mercia lives to *ahem* ‘love’ another day by the skin of her teeth. Ecbert’s heir is still pretty irritating but I’m pretty sure he’ll be ‘removed’ shortly to pave the way for Alfred’s ascendency.

In short: Ragnar still wields humour and hammer with equal skill, Lagertha is still queen of damn near everything, Paris is still pending, but we have wily Wessex to dampen any Frankian disappointment.

Vikings has come back from the death throes of season 3 by Thor’s mercy. Thus I leave you with my nordic words of wisdom:

Ragnar rules. Ok?!


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