0.00 -0.03 Are you afraid? asks Tyrion. Well obviously, I answer. I’m watching Game of Thrones. My natural state is fear. Dani must feel at the very least concerned to be dragged to the Dosh Khaleen by the Dothraki hoard – I’m hoping that SHE is not afraid though. Surely the Mother of Dragons will get to breathe fire this season…

004-0.07 ‘The great game is terrifying’ Ok Tyrion. Yes we get it. Be afraid. Check. It looks as if the half man is still inside the Meerense pyramid. But if they though Dani was an outsider, what will the harpies make of the witty dwarven lion? Cleverly our first glimpse of Ramsey is punctuated by Tyrions ‘terrifying’. Oh the bastard of bolton needs to feel some terror alright. Quick! Push him in one of those fires!

0.08-0.09 Sansa is once again running. By the old gods and the new I really hope she catches a break these season. No sign of Reek alongside her though. Hmmmm.

0.10-0.12 ‘We are sinful creatures. We deserve death. We all do’ Well the High Sparrow is kind of asking for it now isn’t he? A grief stricken Cersei is surely on the warpath now that her paramour *cough* I mean brother has returned, cradling her second dead child. I predict he’s about the feel the wrath of the lioness. Who the High Sparrow is uttering these prophetic words to remains unclear…

0.13-0.14 WHY is Brienne attacking pathetic little Reek? or is that just some cleaver misleading editing? I DO love watching Brienne fight though. Every blow she strikes as if her life depended on it. Which, to be fair, it often does.

0.15-0.17 Ooooh Drogon has got big! He’s totally her favourite dragon. Mothers shouldn’t have favourites obviously, but COME ON Drogon is awesome. Lots of horses running through the sea too…could this be the Iron Islanders making their return?

0.18-0.19 Arya is still blind, but I wouldn’t bet on that stopping her from crossing another name off her list. Battles race by with blurred faces, and is that Tyrion visiting the remaining two dragons? Does HE have Dragon blood which is about to rise to the surface? Plus a giant breaks down a door at Castle Black. Go for it mate. Now Jon is ‘dead’ I will happily let you kill the entire Watch and grind their bones to make your bread..

0.20 – 0.22 Someone – possibly Arya – leaps from a window. If it is the little Stark assassin then I am guessing her sight has returned! Although who is she running from? Dragons fly, horses flail and the night’s king is seen amongst flames – he can’t be happy about that. He might melt.

0.23-0.25 ‘A face will be added to the hall’ Jaquen intones. I liked a man better when a man was a vigilante. Man can go kill himself. It gets speedy now: Jamie, Dani, Tyrion, Sansa and Bran flash by….does this mean one of them is meeting a sticky end? If so, my money is on Jamie.

0.26-0.27 BRAN! Wow you were ten only yesterday, those children of the forest sure changed you. It is exceedingly weird to see him standing. Especially in such close proximity to the Night’s King! We can deduce that Bran’s visions have only grown more vivid – I have a feeling the harmless cripple boy is going to become a powerful man

0.28-0.30 April 24th. Gah. winter has come and gone – Westeros must like keeping a Khaleesi waiting…



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