Before and After THAT Walking Dead Finale

Rather than watch an episode a week of walkers like normal zombie-obsessives, myself and my similarly addicted friends decided to binge-watch episodes 9 through 16 in one sitting. That’s right. In less than 24 hours we ingested more ‘stuff’ and ‘thangs’-based trauma than any normal human can bear, and we lived to tell the tale.

The following clip is of us before the traumatic zombie-athon with Rick and the gang. Note the high energy, crisp munching, and general bloody-minded glee:

Then of course we finally made our way to THAT finale, in all of its ambiguous splendour. Way to torture your fans AMC. This clip is of us post-finale horror. Note the confusion, squeals of anguish, and general what-the-hell attitude.

So we think the dead comrade is a guy. Obviously not Rick or Carl. Not mentioned in the clip is our additional theory that it could be Abraham. However we don’t feel his death would have the same impact as that of an original group member. And I refuse to believe it is Darryl. So, is it RIP Glenn?

PS Yes Negan is amazing. No that doesn’t make up for the trauma.




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