The long wait is over…except it isn’t, as Jon Snow is still very much dead, indicating HBO are saving the big resurrection reveal for a later episode. We obviously have NOT SUFFERED ENOUGH.

Meanwhile Davos is coming into his own in the wake his King’s death- out from under Stannis’ coattails he channels his practical pirate persona and becomes the leader of the late Snow’s disciples. He reminds them that they have hoards of Jon-loving wildlings on their doorstep. ‘Oh Yeah’ they cry, and stall Thorne with requests for mutton.

Assuming Jon DOES come back to life (cross fingers) then Davos would make a great Hand of the King, don’t you think?

Sansa and Reek’s flight is as traumatic as expected, but Brienne’s rescue was masterful. There were huge echoes of Lady Catelyn in the pledge, indicating a fulfilling of Stark destiny perhaps? The music, the fear, the battle sequence and the vows brought tears to my eyes. To remain stone faced, you had to be a Bolton.

Dorne continues to disappoint, although my idealistic side hopes this HUGE  directional shift indicates a change of plans and rejuvination? However idealism is not recommended in Westeros. Why they killed off the only two good characters in the country, is as big a mystery as why the entire nation of Dorne seems to consist of one water garden. Admittedly I did enjoy the sand snake cousin-killing, though even that humour felt cheap compared to the wider show.

Daenerys’ contempt for her captors was a joy to behold. Odds-on once Drogon deigns her with his presence they will bow before her like the goddess she is. Although they are NEVER going to remember all those titles.

Finally we climaxed upon Melisandre’s big reveal, which confirmed a long held fan theory. Beautifully done, however I can’t help wondering if the shock value would be greater if we saw the old crone become the red woman? Once her hands went to the choker it felt inevitable.

The story is finally untangling before our eyes – thank the old gods and the new it was worth the wait.

Deaths – 3

Nudity – 1 rather crucial reveal

Dragons – 0 (Drogon where art thou)

Direwolves – 1

Days until next episode – too many.


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