All hail Sansa, survivor of psychopaths, and queen in the north. No longer the little Stark lost, this Sansa is a stranger to the underestimating Littlefinger “If you didn’t know you’re and idiot. If you did know you’re my enemy”. The former ingenue unleashes her direwolf claws and gives the mockingbird a dressing down – yet is he still under her skin? She finally has a seat at the table, and a voice she is unafraid to use, yet she lies to Jon. I am hoping this is not a sign of Baelish still pulling the strings, but, rather, that the little dove has learned to keep her own council after past horrors.

Over in Bravos Arya is still hitting things with a stick. Who knew assassin training would be so dull? The play is an utterly repulsive parody of heartbreaking events, which stops just short of becoming too contemporary with its crassness. In this play within a play we are an audience full of Aryas, witnessing injustice with incredulity. I would have thought a girl would know not to question a man after all this time, yet perhaps it it the easiest way for a network to show a girl’s doubts?

Over on the Iron Islands Yara is bringing girl power to Pyke, bidding to become their first queen. I thought the newly armoured Theon might to play turncoat once more – all credit to Alfie Allen for making us wonder. Then mad bad Uncle Euron crashes the family party, with his drunken voice and a swagger to make skin crawl. A self-confessed murderer, whose only apology is that the drowned god didn’t rouse him fast enough to slaughter his niece and nephew. The rites of the Drowned God gave much needed insight into the culture of the islands -Dorne take note! However
I doubt the Mother of Dragons will be impressed by this wannabe emperor – the iron price is nothing when you pay in fire and blood.

What is a dragon queen to do with a betrayer who saved her life? Not much makes a Khaleesi cry, but the greyscale reveal leaves her teary. Jorah had to say goodbye to be forgiven: “I command you to heal yourself and then return to me”. With goosebumps a plenty she rides off into the sunset – it is good to she her on horseback again – Drogo would be proud.

In Mereen Tyrion continues to be dumbed down for cheap laughs, however Red Woman 2.0 redeems the scene with a calm power and the promise of danger waiting in her eyes. Vary’s discomfort in the face of her all-knowing gaze is extremely unsettling.

Finally we come to Bran. The big reveal of the Whitewalker origin narrative pales in comparison with the tragedy that follows. Bran is too impatient to wait for a guide, and wanders his vision quest alone, bringing the enemy to the gates. The slaughter is immediate. Summer dies for his master, Leaf blows herself and plenty of walkers to smithereens…and then Hodor, sweet blameless Hodor, is told via Bran’s vision to HOLD THE DOOR. Bran caused the sweet giant’s mind to implode with his time travel theatrics, then sentenced him to death with this last request; the order that made him and destroyed him.

Farewell sweet giant, you will be sorely missed.

Direwolves: Ghost lives but Summer dies. These Starks are irresponsible pet owners
Dragons: Still none. Drogon where art thou?
Nudity: Some rather odd theatrical exposure in Bravos
Deaths: Summer, Leaf and HOLD THE DOOR *cries into stuffed direwolf*


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