In the midst of full blown Game of Thrones withdrawal (thanks HBO) I have tried many TV fixes to diminish my pain. Thrones box sets just don’t give the same Westeros rush after witnessing the battle of the bastards in all its glory. There is only so much Gilmore Girls you can stream on Netflix before you start to look like a pop tart. And Bates Motel, which I was really looking forward to, featured an out-of the-blue graphic rape scene 20 minutes – and when you consider that Thrones was lambasted for using rape as a plot device! Dany’s rape way back when was horrific, but based in the traded bride narrative. In Bates a neighbourhood spat ends in horror. So, in short, I was in the middle of a square-eyed slump.

Then Lo, from the vaults of Netflix emerged a glittering gem of a series to shake the cobwebs of my jaded re-run watching eyes – the name of my salvation? Crazy Ex Girlfriend. Think Gilmore cuteness mixed with Lannister wit with a hefty dose of Buffy the musical by way of a jaded Glee. Got it?

Rebecca changes her life based on the advice of a butter commercial. She sings tinder, girl crushes, and giving good ‘parent’. Yes. Truly. Becky is the adorable socially awkward high flyer with just a touch or crazy (but she doesn’t like that word). Josh is the ex she is totally not (but totally is) in love with, and followed to California. Valencia is his actual girlfriend, the super-hot alpha bitch (who Becky also likes, because, you know, crazy). Then there is Gregg, who she is obviously meant to be with, and i can sort of forgive for being a Gilmore Luke Danes rip-off, and the quirky neighbour, friend, and small town population.

What makes it such great viewing you ask? (Even if you don’t ask I am going to tell you, so work with me here). The combination of cuteness and cynicism, bleak and chirpy comedy, and of course, the inappropriate songs. Here are my top 5 to whet your appetite for my new addiction.

  1. On the meeting the parents

2.  On the perils of tinder

3. On date preparation

4. On girl crushes

5. On bad advice


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