1. You have started to play eat-along-a-gilmore whenever you watch the show, meaning calorie consumption sky rockets whenever you enter Stars Hollow.


2. You could write a thesis on who Rory is SUPPOSED to end up with, Team Logan for the win. In Omnia Paratus!


3. You have renamed your local haunt Luke’s. It was a joke at first. But now you can’t remember what its real name is.


4. You punctuate romantic moments with the phrase ‘would you just stand still’. You are also seriously thinking of gifting your other half a baseball cap. Just because.


5. Your talking speed has increased by a couple of hundred words a minute. You should probably come with your own subtitles.


6. You have developed a renewed fondness for rhinestones and nineties make up. Tie-die tops and ripped jeans are also suddenly looking more attractive


7. If friends see you without a cup of coffee in your hand, they get scared. I mean, are you ok? You sure? Let’s go to Starbucks, yeah?


8. You always have a book in your handbag. Sure Rory makes some questionable choices (remember ‘he took the ring off’ ) but her book choices were on point.


9.You find yourself weirdly invested in the cast’s post Gilmore careers. Did you know Rory’s arty pal Lucy is now Jessica Jones? And that Logan changed his name to Cary and is practicing law in The Good Wife? Of course you know.


10. You know all the words to the theme tune, and have been known to break into song on an autumnal day, at a friday night dinner, or when you spot a pop tart.


11. You were so excited when Melissa McCarthy agreed to appear in the reboot that you forgot to breathe for a minute. It’s not Stars Hollow without Sookie!


12. It’s not very politically correct, but you have seriously considered placing a personal ad for a Korean friend. No one is as cool as Lane.


13. You are counting down the days until November 25th. Until then? Netflix binge. After all, Rory always revises…



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