1.The last ever true BBC Bake Off
2. Not going to cry. Not going to cry…Oh the music! *sob*
3. Candice has some scarlet lippy on. This is a good sign.
4. Oh, Jane is the world’s sweetest mum
5.’I would like to think baking has made me fit and toned…it definitely hasn’t’ SHE IS ALL OF US.
6. Andrew is the grandson every Nan desires.
7. A meringue crown. Her majesty will be pleased.
8. ‘After all it is the queen’s 90th birthday’ OK Mary, I love you just enough to forgive you your royalist tendencies.
9.’You have kept it fairly simple’. Yeah Paul, I make a pavlova crown every day….
10. ‘Your doing quite a lot’ Paul this is Candice, Candice this is Paul….
11.’It’s in the hands of chemistry… and the gods’ – all bases covered then Jane?
12. Andrew, the engineer, used the wrong side of the baking paper. Oh dear.
13. They are all listening to their bakes – Val’s cult has expanded.
14. ‘You can’t out-Candice Candice!’ Truer words were never spoken Jane.
15. I don’t like to judge, so I would happily eat ALL of the crowns. Just saying.
16.’My bottom’s cracking’ first innuendo of the final goes to Jane.
17. Noooo Andrew don’t put the crown on an actual head!!!! THE TENSION IS TOO GREAT!
18. Andrew is let down by his flavours – yet he should receive points for the pleasing purple shade of the crown surely?
19. Awww Candice’s nervous/hopeful pride at her crown is adorable.
21. Paul won’t stop eating Jane’s crown. Very good sign.
22. ANOTHER HANDSHAKE! Or handclasp?
23.’Giving out handshakes willy nilly!’ poor forgotten Andrew.
25. Mel and Sue’s humour has not limitations. A Zorro Victoria Sponge twist. Of course.
26. A technical with no recipe. Yep. That would be nigh impossible.
27. I have no cake in the house. This is just wrong.
28. ‘I’m weighing my eggs because it’s the final’ Oh Andrew. Someone should give you a hug.
29. I’m finding myself admiring the purple electric mixers. My inner child is disappointed in me.
30. Oven watching begins! Grab the popcorn
31. “I NEED THIS!!!’ Andrew is getting ambitious.
32. Oh they ALL look perfect
33. Paul then picks holes in each and every one. Naturally.
34.Jane’s is a ‘little bit on the dark side’ so Darth Vader won’t go hungry tonight.
35. Andrew is back in the game! Technical win.
36. THE SHOWSTOPPER = Feed the five thousand, go!!!
37. Not really, but it’s close – 49 items in 5 hours. Death by picnic.
38. Andrew has a spreadsheet. Of course he does.
39. Awwww baby Candice was adorable.
40. ‘She’ll always be a winner in my eyes, cos she’s my daughter’ Candice’s Dad is a walking talking tearjerker.
41.Andrew is making his Gran’s chocolate cake. Adorable.
42. Wow – Andrew’s folks have a HUGE garden. Lord of the gingham alter indeed…
43. Oh no Jane, another cake collar…risky business
44. Jane’s hair! She was so on trend.
45. She is such a baking super-mum that even her kids are sugary sweet.
46.. Cross eyed piggies are the best piggies Candice.
47. Awww the old bakers are back!
48. Group hug anyone? Just me? OK.
49. ‘Screw the measurements’ – Andrew, are you feeling OK?
50. The collar disaster is repeating itself. If in doubt -glitter. That’s my motto too, Jane.
51. And it’s over! The hampers are full.
52.’I will always see the negatives and think everyone else’s is better’ someone give Candice a hug.
53. Right, royal and regal – nice alliteration Mary.
54. Oh no, raw pastry! Poor Jane. Still tasty though.
55. Her cake survived the collar fiasco. Not a perfect hamper, but a contender?
56. More raw pastry and soggy bottomed tarts! Andrew seems out of the running before the cake is even cut.
57. At least they liked his Gran’s cake, she will be happy.
58.Their only criticism for Candice is the lack of cheese in the scones. She can barely hear the rest of the praise – perfectionism is a hard mistress.
59. But surely she has won? She had the least criticism, and her picnic, as always, was the most detailed and creative.
60. Look at Dennis the pug! Proud of his mummy.
61. I love Jane too, but Candice was always my favourite and she smashed it today.
62. Messiest Apron too. Good sign.
63. CANDICE WINS!!!!!!!
65. She is crying, her boyfriend is crying…. all the emotions.
66. ‘I never thought I would even get on this….’ there is something in my eye.
67. Jane is deliciously happy for her too.
68. ‘I did it…I’m good enough’ FULL OUT CRYING NOW.
69. Time for the ‘what the bakers did next’ segment. Someone grab me a tissue. And a chocolate cake.
70. Val is going on a baking holiday to Ayia Napa??? Praise the lord.
71. Benjamina should have been in the semis at the very least – thought she would be in the final with Candice and Jane (sorry Andrew).
72. Candice and Jane: the road-trip. Be still my heart.
73. Goodbye Bake Off. The right woman won. Your gingham altar will be missed.


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