Each day in Advent I will be celebrating one of the TV heroines of 2016 -as let’s face it, it has been a pretty sucky year, and we could all use some female fictional icons to take our mind off Brexit, Trump, and the general doomsday vibe!

Why a heroine and not a hero? Well one of the reasons I am such a TV fanatic is that the genre seems to be far more ‘equal-opportunities than it’s film relation. No longer are the fairer sex subjected to the role of love interest or sister – they are now allowed to be rulers, protagonists, and saviours of mankind. This is both forward-thinking and inspiring, as, let’s face it, a story with twice as many complex characters is twice as interesting!
5th December

Heroine: Emily Gilmore

People often assume the ‘Gilmore Girls’ are a duo – Lorelai and Rory, the ultimate mother daughter team. Yet As the seasons progressed Emily Gilmore role in the series became greater, and it became clear that the title referred not to a pair, but a trio of Gilmore Girls.

It has perhaps then unsurprising that when the long awaited revival hit Netflix it was Emily’s story that proved one of the most compelling. A widow reforging her place in the world, forsaking the bedrocks of her previous existence such as the DAR in favour of new intimacies. Shelving memories and upping sticks, Emily Gilmore sheds her skin and is reborn, whereupon her inner Lorelai(which we had but glimpsed before) is allowed to shine through. How wonderful for a TV show to tell the story of an older woman with such heart, spirit and sensitivity. Are you listening TV Gods? Learn from this!

Since ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ was only released last month few examples of Emily’s latest genius have made their way onto the net, so here are Emily’s best moment of 2016 and best examples of prior brilliance

1.Emily learns a new word

2.Emily has Rory’s back

3.Emily wants to go first


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