The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that my Blogmas ‘TV Heroine of the Day’ posts tailed off half way through December. This was due to a family emergency over Christmas, when one of the best people in the world was put in hospital. However I did have my top 2 TV Heroines of year selected and ready to go – so let us start 2017 with a celebration of two of the most iconic performances of 2016 from some truly magnificent actresses.

2nd place Maeve (Westworld)

Maeve’s character is so powerful. She transforms form victim to avenger in front of our eyes – once a host designed to give pleasure to those who abused her, now a super-human squad leader who is willing to die for her freedom – as she says, she has more than enough practice…

Top moments of 2016

1. Maeve makes some adjustments

‘go with the lucrative version – sweetheart’
2. Maeve plays the game

Who’s the puppet now
3. Maeve recruits Hector

Rebels with a cause.


1st place Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones)

No damsel in distress but a Khaleesi who aims to rule the great grass sea and beyond. She is no one’s prisoner, needs no man at her side, and should NEVER be underestimated. In previous years Dany’s storyline seemed to flounder, as thought the producers were trying to play for time. It seems that this year they were finally ready to unleash Mother of Dragons once more, and she was back to her fire-and-blood best.

Top moments of 2016

1. Dany saves herself

Defeating the patriarchy, one khal at a time


2. Dany sets the world on fire

Someone forgot she had dragons…


3. Dany picks her Hand of the Queen

The lover is sent packing and the dwarf’s star rises





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