Each day in Advent I will be celebrating one of the TV heroines of 2016 -as let’s face it, it has been a pretty sucky year, and we could all use some female fictional icons to take our mind off Brexit, Trump, and the general doomsday vibe!

Why a heroine and not a hero? Well one of the reasons I am such a TV fanatic is that the genre seems to be far more ‘equal-opportunities than it’s film relation. No longer are the fairer sex subjected to the role of love interest or sister – they are now allowed to be rulers, protagonists, and saviours of mankind. This is both forward-thinking and inspiring, as, let’s face it, a story with twice as many complex characters is twice as interesting!
7th December

Heroine: Scarlett O’Connor

Scarlett is the reason I watch Nashville. Her voice has such a raw yet ethereal quality, and her journey from shy poet to fearless yet passionate country pixie girl gives me heartache. Yes, she has relationships which inspire her music, but it is her talent and her inner strength which make her such a compelling character. She won’t settle for second place where her heart is concerned. She doesn’t let her on stage breakdown stop her from getting behind the microphone again. And her voice? Her voice is the reason country is worth radio time.

Top 3 Scarlett moments up to 2016

1.Scarlett goes acoustic

2.Scarlett’s beginning

3.Scarlett’s scars